Many businesses recognize the power of digital marketing, but only a small percentage of them apply strategies that turn leads into actual customers. One of the most effective branches of online marketing is through the form of email campaigns–and don’t just take our word for it. Recent studies show that email marketing has the best open and clickthrough rates compared to other strategies. As reported, email marketing has a median return of investment (ROI) rate of 122%.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is defined as a process of retrieving email addresses of clients and potential clients, with the hopes of building relationships and getting them to sign up for your offers.

You can see this strategy at work when you open emails from companies, giving you their newsletter, sending discount promotions, or contacting you personally by presenting an ad copy. Email used to be a simple tool to communicate individual to individual for message exchanges. Now, the process has become more sophisticated, allowing businesses to promote their products and services to customers opening their online mailbox.

How can email marketing help your business?

Like any other business that wishes to promote, email marketing can bring a lot of benefits for your luxury rehab center:

  • It educates your potential clients about your services. With the proper strategy, you can present information in a cohesive, yet engaging way through emails. You can showcase your facilities, introduce them to some of your staff members, and let them know about the process of rehabilitation.
  • It helps you spread the word about your promotions. You may have an ongoing promotion about your business, such as a membership discount or a free incentive. What better way to promote this than to reach individual people who already expressed interest in your services.
  • It is an easy way to connect with those who are interested. Phone calls or even customer service messages may appear to be intimidating for some potential clients. They would want a safe, non-committal platform to ask more questions about your services. By making sure that you’re available through email, you can potentially invite these clients to know more and sign up for your rehab center.
  • It gives you a platform to help clients read useful content. Content marketing can easily be integrated with email marketing. You can post a section of your blog or a transcription of your podcast or video through email. Not a lot of people would take the effort to search a particular website to learn more about a service. However, there is a chance they might respond if you provide value about your business straight in their mailbox.

What are the tools you need to start an email marketing strategy?

Sadly, deciding to send emails to a bunch of people without any clear strategy won’t work. First things first, you need to make a checklist of the tools you need to succeed in this marketing campaign. You would be needing the following:

  • An email management software – this is the main tool you can use to help build templates you can send to your clients. Some services also hold storage of thousands of emails, in the event that your list gets bigger.
  • Copywriting skills – if you are not a copywriter yourself, you may want to outsource this service as well. Copywriting is very important in creating message templates, as it is crucial for readers to respond to your call-to-action.
  • A growing email list – you must also have an existing email list of potential clients, and most importantly, a strategy to accumulate more emails in your marketing campaign. This will be further discussed in the basic guide.

What is the basic process of putting together an email marketing campaign?

After you have your tools ready, you need to be oriented about the whole process of starting a basic email marketing campaign.

1. Start with the email collection process

The first step is to have a consistent flow of emails being added to your list. As a luxury rehab center owner, you may already have a website but you might not be sure how to get emails from your clients. Some of the most common ways to do this are to create a blog with useful content. Potential customers would like to get this content sent straight to their mailbox, and you will be able to get their emails from there.

Some companies prefer to give a free incentive, such as an e-book, an online guide, or a coupon in exchange for a customer’s email address. People love anything free, and if you provide something with value, they might just be willing to give out their personal emails. You can also get emails from log sheets which you can place inside your rehab center.

2. Use your email marketing software

After collecting emails, you must set up a regular schedule to send templated messages to your list. These templated messages can contain information about your luxury rehab center, ongoing promotions, or other useful topics that you think clients may be interested in.

You have the option of doing this daily, weekly, monthly, or any other regular schedule where your list will be alerted. Make sure to use effective copywriting strategies to improve your open and clickthrough rates.

3. Create automated templates with a strong call-to-action

Aside from making a regular newsletter, you can create targeted e-mail campaigns. For example, you noticed that a potential client signed up to get a free e-book on substance abuse. You may only want to send promotions about that topic, by periodically sending pre-made templates.

To make your marketing campaign more effective, you have to divide your demographics according to the services they are potentially interested in, such as alcohol rehab, drug rehab, or any other service you might offer. Strong call-to-action examples for luxury rehab centers include calling a hotline, scheduling an appointment, or making a reply e-mail about the promotion.

4. Repeat this cycle for new clients

After successfully leading your clients to respond to your call-to-action, you need to repeat this cycle all over again. Keep on collecting emails, making specific templates, and scheduling your newsletters depending on the response of your list.

Some important reminders to improve your email marketing campaign:

  • Avoid sending spam or unrelated topics
  • Send regularly, but don’t annoy your list
  • Personalize variables in your emails (e.g. name of the recipient, topics covered, etc.)

Can your Business centers succeed with this strategy?

The simple answer is yes. Any business can succeed with email marketing, as long as it’s done the right way. The key principle in email marketing is knowing the needs of your clients and finding a way to meet these needs with your offers.

Luxury rehab centers have a great selling point for customers who want a prime experience with their rehabilitation process. As you paint a great picture of your service through your email campaigns, the better success you will experience with your overall marketing strategy.

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