Digital Marketing is vast. It’s an umbrella term used to build brands, websites, increase sales, promote products, etc. Digital marketing has completely changed the marketing and advertisement business because companies are now able to advertise online and reach most of the world’s population. Although most people grew up without immediate access to the internet, in the world today, almost everyone has access.

It also is not just for the internet. Many forget that advertisements and promotions that stream across televisions as commercials are also digital marketing. The point of digital marketing is for customers to be able to view or see what they would like without having to physically visit the business to see it. The marketing age is progressing and changing every day, and learning how to use digital marketing is important to a business’s brand. 

Five Steps on How to Use Digital Marketing 

In today’s society, the best way for a business to stay ahead of their competitors is to use digital marketing effectively. Whether marketing and advertising a rehab facility, restaurant, car dealership, etc., mastering the digital marketing technique is key to future business growth. For small businesses, the idea of using the internet and different media to advertise may be intimidating. Using these five simple digital marketing steps can give your business the growth it needs to excel past its competitors. 


Write down a list of goals that are believed to help strengthen the business and company. Whether it be more customers, more treatment options for rehab, or more recognition, every idea and goal need to be accounted for. Digital marketing is good for all businesses, big or small because it opens up more opportunities to expand products to different customers. Creating goals that will expand the business and ultimately lead to future success will contribute to them staying open for many years to come. 

Build A Marketing Funnel 

A marketing funnel is essentially a mapped out plan for a company’s customer. For example, you would use a market funnel to plan out a customer’s journey from the very beginning. Once their journey begins at your business, you should begin to put different techniques and strategies in place that will help them move through the funnel. Opt-ins, calls to action, and offers can effectively pull the customer through the marketing funnel. Funneling not only creates more leads, but it also can create more repeat buyers. If someone has a good experience associated with a certain business, they are more likely to return to experience it again. Remembering these effective components of market funneling customers significantly helps digital marketing. 

Call to Action 

An effective part of building a perfect marketing funnel is building a call to action. A call to action is an image or text the directs customers to take action. Whether it be subscribing in a weekly newsletter or exchanging contact information for a point card to your business, it creates reasons for someone to come back. Call to actions on websites should direct someone right to a home page, where they are asked to put in simple contact information to receive incentives. Good calls to action help create leads that will, in turn, help the customer engage in conversation. Therefore to receive more conversations and feedback, more calls to action need to be created. To create one, you should use something to grab the attention of the customer and help move the customer into a marketing funnel created. 

Lead Magnet: A Key Function in A Marketing Funnel 

A lead magnet can be used alongside with a call to action or by itself to help further draw customers into a marketing funnel. For example, when visiting a substance abuse facility, they might ask you if you would like every day updates on a specific patient. They lead with this before explaining that they will also need specific contact information like a name, phone number, email address, etc. This brings that person closer to the business in hopes of them buying into a product or specific service. The main idea of a lead magnet is to trade information between the business and the customer. You will use the information that they give the business to push them further through the marketing funnel to keep them as a long time, happy customer. 

Creating Traffic 

To have people that can be pushed into a marketing funnel, there must be a significant amount of traffic on the business’s website. There is a multitude of different ways to drive traffic to a website but using these few ideas can help create the traffic needed to grow a business. To create traffic you can use the following ideas that include:

  • Creating unique, quality content such as blog posts, articles, and press releases on an authority website. Use different links from websites within the content posted to create more traffic on your website. For example, when trying to increase traffic to a rehab website, you can link different websites that talk about treatments, alcoholism, and drug addictions. 
  • Using specific keywords in the content posted will help your business website show up in search engines when someone looks them up. This leads to a higher percentage of website traffic. 
  • Making sure the website is boosting and functioning to its best ability is important in high traffic. If the website is down or not working properly, traffic decreases which in turn does not contribute to traffic or digital marketing. 
  • Using social media as a platform for your website and business is another crucial factor in creating high volume traffic. Using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. to promote your brand and business will open up more opportunities for people to view your business.

Digital marketing is an important factor in gaining more customers and to your business’s website in hopes of gaining even more customers. If one person likes, they will tell someone else, who will tell someone else, and so on which creates a high amount of traffic. Digital marketing, although it has been something used for quite some time, is something that businesses still struggle with daily. 

Using digital marketing to grow big, small, retail, treatment centers, or any other business helps create a brand. Standing behind a brand and creating something unique compared to everything else is what makes someone want to use a business. Using different techniques and methods to market a business along with digital marketing is the best way to ensure traffic and customers. These five simple digital marketing techniques are broken down in an easy way to understand to help anyone who is struggling with building their business. 

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