The internet is a major part of the everyday life of an average person today, although a lot of adults grew up without it. People get most of their ideas and learn different ways of doing things from the content they read and review on the internet. 

Google is a search engine tool that allows people to find anything online: articles and blogs to read, pictures to look at, videos to watch, etc. The amount of content that is found on the Internet is endless, but not all of it is worth the user’s time. Some of the content you might find on every search engine is either not completely accurate or not true at all. 

You can always write your own content and post it on the internet, but it would be hard for someone to find it, let alone view it, without sorting through endless amounts of other information. 

This is where the skyscraping technique could come in handy, especially when trying to talk about something for which there is already an incredible amount of information. Skyscraping is the best way to create content that will actually rank on Google. 

What is Skyscraping?

Skyscraping is a technique by which the best writers push their posts onto the first page of a Google search. This means that if anyone types a keyword into the search engine that matches with your content, they will see your content on the first page. 

The most common things people are told to increase views on their content is to post more great content, share it on social media accounts, etc., but that’s not enough. With today’s new algorithms, skyscraping is the best way to gain more views. 

The skyscraping technique attempts to get many backlinks and more shares by creating content that is so noteworthy that it not only might go viral but is so extraordinary that it will go viral. 

How to Use the Skyscraping Technique?

The first step to skyscraping is:

  1. Find keywords and websites that have a lot of views. Skyscraping is essentially taking something that is already popular and piggy-backing on it: What keywords and links helped it to generate thousands of views? With a little tweaking, they have the potential to gain you millions of views and a high ranking on Google. To find this popular content, use online keyword and backlink research tools, go on social media, look at similar or competitor sites, YouTube, or basically anywhere that popular content is shared repeatedly. 
  2. Remake the content in your own, better image. After you have found the content you want to use, it is time to give it your own creative twist to make it even more share-worthy and better: more useful information, more high-quality links. Don’t merely change it enough to avoid a plagiarism charge. Find exactly what is missing from it and add it; this is when you begin adding value. 

    Once you have done this, you need to make your content appealing. This means that you need to not only make it packed with correct information, but you also need to make it fun and exciting to read, such as with more and better graphics and pictures. Give your content the personality it needs to be noticed and the universality to be useful by different people. If it is successful and remains online for a long time, update it as necessary.
  3. Get your content in front of the right people. The last step in mastering the skyscraping technique is to push your content in front of the right people. By this, we mean to find people who are willing to publish your content on their site and include links to get you better rankings. Contact them directly, by name if possible, and be friendly and polite. Find great websites that are willing to post your content to their page because they enjoyed the content. 

    Once you have created your list, created your exceptional content, and gave it to the right people then you are on your way to becoming a skyscraping master. 

An Example of the Technique

For example, when skyscraping something such as a rehab facility or a 12 step program, you should familiarize yourself with the concept and history of the 12 step program. You’ll find that there are thousands, from those extolling the virtues of Alcoholics Anonymous and the many 12 step programs that followed; those critical or actively hostile; and those that attempt to evaluate the program’s successes and failures. 

From these, find the ones that seem most comprehensive, most user-friendly, and most engaging. Then, evaluate them critically. What areas of 12 step programs did they overlook? What questions did you have about 12 step programs that weren’t answered? 

Did they overlook that from alcohol and narcotic addictions the 12 step program has expanded to include other “addictions”, behaviors, and problems such as food, gambling, gaming, computers, mobile phones, and emotional disturbances? Did they focus solely on the steps involving creating sobriety for yourself but ignore the ones about maintaining sobriety by spreading what you have learned to others? 

Adding this information is how you add value and make your 12 step post better than the best and most viewed posts you could find. Once you have done this, you can begin pushing your program content to the right places. For example, you can choose sites that are specifically about alcohol and drug rehabs (most of which incorporate a 12 step program in their therapies) and what they have to offer or sites that are about addiction. 

After choosing your sites, you can generate a list of contacts using web tools so you reach out to blog contributors, webmasters or site owners to see if they will post your content, including your backlinks, and even promote your post on their social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). 

When skyscraping, be sure to cite credible information so that your 12 step program article is not only appealing but is exceptional, and sharing information that is wide-spanning and not only correct but authoritative. Then you can become the source that other bloggers and websites will want to cite. 

Content is Important

Skyscraping is not a license to plagiarize. The purpose of selecting an article or articles to skyscrape isn’t to copy—to steal someone’s intellectual property—but to emulate, to learn from the efforts of others, including what not to do, to learn from their mistakes. If you copy the language or repeat information available nowhere else without acknowledgment, you may be flagged by anti-plagiarism tools and rejected, may be banned. 

You won’t rank high on Google or go viral if you don’t get on any sites. Besides, citations make you look better. They show that you’re a credible source, that you did your homework, and then surpassed the teacher. You must create an exceptional piece of work that is unique to you and only you. 

Following the rules will help you get more shares and views. Then, the right people might reach out to you for more content.

Whether it be you using the skyscraping technique to talk about addiction, the 12 step program, food, sports, weather, etc., make your content so extraordinary that it will rank on Google because it merits it. 

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