Often times I work with companies who have been sold a myriad of solutions for digital marketing, none of which are really tied together in an overall strategy.  This leads to a very confusing situation with multiple layers and tactics working at the same time without really knowing what is working. 

Part of this is due to the lack of vendors providing a clear way to measure success, with success being defined by the advertiser.  More of it is just, “hey try out my new product that is super great” type of a pitch.  The truth is, the more simple your digital marketing is, the better it will work as it will be easier to manage, track, optimize, and enhance. 

I’ve looked at paid search campaigns on Google that have a ton of ad groups, ads, negative keywords, content exceptions, extensions and much more that lead to a confusing experience for the advertiser as well as the end user who isn’t sure what they are going to see when they click on an ad.  This is all bad for business. 

It is best to keep everything simple, with clear performance indicators, and a strategy that is adhered to.  Tactics can change, but your strategy should remain relatively unchanged over a longer period of time (up to a year).  

I’ve saved so many companies and turned their digital marketing around by simplifying what they were do to a point that it is clear whether it is working or not.  

Lesson:  Don’t over complicate something that is actually really simple. 

Author: TheMarketingRobinhood

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